Welcome StudyBooksAustralia’s #1 second hand book selling system. We offer a fully supported booksale solution
An excellent way to generate revenue for your non profit organization with no set up cost.
The system is extremely user friendly and quick to set up. Our dedicated team is with you every step of the way.
Not only is reselling books beneficial to both buyers and sellers but it is a great way to recycle and help your local community.

Financially Rewarding Reads

Money. We appreciate that this is not necessary the driving force behind reading a book all about success and money making however it is a compelling factor none the less. The studybooks system is unique in the sense that we focus our catalogue on learning, growing and succeeding. We love financial success stories or anything which will help you get there and our system reflects that. If you sell a book through studybooks there is no initial financial outlay. The only time you pay us is if you moake money from the sale of a book and have already generated a profit for yourself. Not only is this model extremely lucrative for an organisation or an avid book reader but it is also very transparent to manage. At the end of your book sale you will be given a detailed report of the book

Sales Training Books

We offer a fully supported recommendations on some of the best literature in Sales Training. We are passionate about sales training and the benefits that many books we have read provide. We genuinely care about your success and our team of support handlers are always more than happy to talk about available sales literature and help find the book whcih is right for you. If your book is educational or focused on financial success then you can sell through us!