a few words about us

The core team was approached in the spring of 2005 to run a 2nd hand book sale at a local university. As part of this exercise we realised that there was a need for a better way of running book sales and that we could help the organisers increase profit and marketability of the book sale by better utilising technology and work-flow principles.

From these humble beginnings, StudyBooks was formed. We are constantly improving the system and we work very closely with our clients to identify features that will benefit all users.

The company has been formed on the back of knowledgable readers in financial success and who strive to provide excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on working closely with all our clients to ensure a successful book sale. Our remuneration model has evolved to reflect this.

We don’t make a dollar unless our client makes several.

our mission

To provide our clients with the best possible tools to achieve maximum results at their financial book sales.

To ensure that our clients receive exceptional support.

Encourage the practice of recycling of books