We have a number of clients throughout Australia. We predominately work with Student Associations and Parent and Friends Associations of local schools. Ultimately, we are happy to work with any one who is interested in recycling books and promoting literature. As a by product, all our book sales are extremely profitable and is a great way to raise funds for our book sale organisers.

As a Book Sale Organiser, all your information is strictly confidential and we have a number of tools and processes that ensures all data is securely stored.

From our experience, we have identified a number of clients that have benefited significantly from organising a second hand book sale with Studybooks.

  • Student Representative Group
  • Friends and Parents Associations
  • Non Profit Organisations
  • Libraries
  • Literature Merchants
  • Charitable groups

How we help

Each booksale organiser runs a booksale at the beginning of every semester. Sometimes these booksales are run by the student councils, sometimes by a faculty or school. In every instance we follow the StudyBooks strategy to help serve both the client and the students.