What is the VIP book sale?

The VIP book sale allows you to avoid the queues and get your text books fast! If you’re looking for a high sought after book, then the VIP book sale is for you. You can purchase a ticket at the HSA office for $20. The VIP sale will be from 5-8pm on Thursday week 1. Come down to the HSA office and don’t miss out!

I’ve checked my books in online, what do I do now?

Bring the text books that you’d like to sell to the HSA office and the rest is done.

I’m ready to buy some text books, what do I need?

We only need the title, author and edition number of the text books you want. We can’t find your books from the subject code so make sure you have those details on you. Please also bring cash to the sale as we cannot accept cards.

How do I know if my books have sold?

To see if your books have been sold, log in to bond.studybooks.com.au.

When does the sale begin and end?

The book sale starts Friday week 1 of the semester and finishes in week 7.

My books have been sold! What do I do?

Congratulations! Someone has purchased your textbook. You can collect your money from the HSA office at the completion of the book sale. Make sure you bring your Student ID card or another form of photo ID.

All books checked in and money owed must be collected by students by the Friday of Week 7. Books and money that is not collected by the closing of office hours on this date, will be forfeited by the student to the HSA.

When is the HSA office open?

The HSA office is open between 10am-2pm Monday-Thursday.

What happens if my book isn’t sold?

If you book has not been sold in the book sale, you have the option of collecting the book at the end of the sale or donating to the library for the next book sale.

All unsold books that you would like to collect must be collected by Thursday week 7.

Where do I find the ISBN?

The ISBN or Barcode of the book you are checking in can usually be found on the back of the book.

Do you offer exchanges or refunds?

We cannot accept exchanges or refunds so make sure you get the right text book.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact HSA on hsa.bond.edu.au.



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