How It Works



The StudyBooks system is arranged into four simple steps. Click on any of these in the diagram below to learn more about it.

Its important to remind you that study books will support you at every stage.

StudyBooks can offer a solution to both for booksale organisers as well as for students at universities, schools or other learning institutions.

The Players

Student - The person with the book/s to sell. This person may or may not actually be a student but for purpose of our sanity, we are calling all people who sell books Students!

Students get to set the price that they want for their books. We can help recommend a price but If a book doesn't sell they simply get the book back to keep or donate it to the next booksale for your association.

Library - This is essentially the organising body that is running the book sale. We've chosen the term Library to identify the organisers because our clients are so diverse. Our core clients range from University Student Associations to charitable Trusts.

Study Books - That's us! We provide the tools and support that makes the book sale happen. We make it extreme easy for the Student to check in books. We help train the library staff to receive the books and sell the books.


Library - The Library at this stage promotes the book sale to their Student base. We will help you set up your own website which students can register themselves and their books [for sale] into the system.

Students - Go to the website and register themselves and the books they want to sell. This can be done 24 hours a day and anywhere there is an internet connection. When the students register their books they nominate how much they want to sell their books for.

If students are feeling very generous they can also opt to give any unwanted books away for free - in this case the library stores the book in the pool to be sold at the next book sale.

The students then bring their books they have registered into the booksale office for the check-in stage.


During this stage, the books being sold by the students are brought into the library for cataloguing and preparation for the booksale.

Students that have taken advantage of the pre checkin facility now just drop the book off. Students who have not pre checked in will use this stage to do so in person.

After the check-in process comes the actual booksale. For simplicity we have called the booksale the exchange stage.


The exchange stage is the best bit of the process. This is where fellow students come into the library office with a list of books needed for that semesters tutorials and hopefully go away with the books they are after.

During this stage the library cashiers will search for each item on the students list and retrieve the recommended item from the booksale shelves.

While the cheapest items sell first (so everyone gets a good deal) the student can chose any checked in item for that book that is in stock. This means that if the student does not wish to buy the cheapest (such as the cover being slightly damaged) they can optionally chose whichever version of the book thats available.

When the order is complete the student pays the cashier.


During the collection stage, students come to the library office to either

1) Collect their money for the sale of their registered books

2) Reclaim any unsold

3) If the student wishes he or she can also donate the books to the library, to be added to the pool for future book sales.